What is the OData Drupal 7 CMS Module?

The OData Drupal 7 module allows you to publish your Drupal site's content to other applications and allow those applications to customize their requests to bring back only relevant data. The module implements the read-only portion of the Microsoft sponsored OData specification, which is an open specification for RESTful web services. It describes conventions developers can use to query data from the web service.

What can I do with this Drupal 7 module?

The OData Server module allows you to publish your entities/bundles with their properties and fields using the OData specification. The potential uses are vast, but some possibilities include:

  • Publish your archive of press releases and allow your various subsidiary websites to individually filter the press releases to syndicate without customizations to the central datastore
  • Use Drupal as a data-as-a-service application

How is this different from RSS feeds or other methods of publishing content in a machine-readable way?

OData gives the consumer the ability to fully customize the dataset that is returned based on their requests. The data selected for RSS feeds usually has to be determined up-front by the producer, forcing the consumer to filter irrelevant data after the fact. OData allows the consumer to only request the data that is relevant to their interests, reducing the size of the payload and reducing the amount of postprocessing done by the consumer.

Where do I get it?

To download the OData Server module, please go to our project page on Drupal.org.

Try a Live Demo

Check out our live demo to see just what OData is all about.



Visit our Drupal.org project page to download the module and its dependencies.